Volunteer/Foster Agreement

I, the undersigned volunteer, hereby agree to volunteer for Multiple Breed Rescue (MBR), an Ohio non-profit corporation. I acknowledge that the animal(s) placed in my care may have medical or behavioral issues unknown to MBR. I fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform for MBR in my volunteer capacity. I agree to indemnify and hold MBR harmless for any injury(s) that I, members of my household, guests, and pets might sustain during the course of my volunteer duties. 

This waiver shall extend to myself, members of my household, executors, administrators, and heirs and shall forever bar me or any of the foregoing from seeking any legal action whatsoever against MBR, its officers, directors, trustees, agents or representatives.

I agree to provide adequate care for the health and safety of the animal(s) in my care, including but not limited to the provision of water, food, shelter and affection. Upon approval of MBR, I agree to provide veterinary care as needed. In an emergency, if the approval of MBR cannot be obtained, I agree to provide reasonable care for the animal(s) in my care. I agree to assume all liability for the animal while in my care and to indemnify and hold MBR harmless for any and all claims arising from the action of the animal(s) while in my care and control.

I agree that MBR shall retain ownership of any animal(s) placed in my care. I shall not transfer the dog to anyone without the consent of MBR and shall return the animal(s) to MBR at anytime when requested to do so by MBR.

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