Multiple Breed Rescue (MBR) Pet Pantry Rules, Regulations and Release of Liability

The MBR Pet Pantry program is meant to ease financial stress to prevent your pets from becoming homeless. Pet food and cat litter are intended to supplement your supply. In consideration of being offered the opportunity to participate in the MBR Pet Pantry program, I certify that I am over the age of 18 and for as long as I receive assistance from the Pet Pantry program, I agree as follows:

  1. Availability of MBR Pet Pantry pet food and supplies is not guaranteed and will be distributed to me on an availability only basis.

  2. I will abide by all policies and procedures as adopted by MBR, and as they may change from time to time, and will abide by any instructions from MBR regarding my participation in the Pet Pantry program.

  3. My participation in the MBR Pet Pantry program can be terminated by MBR at any time and for any reason.

  4. I am responsible for transportation to and from the pickup location and will arrive as scheduled. I will bring government-issued identification with me when picking up pet food and/or supplies. If I do not have my identification, I will not be allowed to pick-up the items.

  5. I shall notify MBR immediately of all changes in my address, phone number, and pet ownership status. If at any time I am no longer a resident of Lorain County, I shall notify MBR immediately.

  6. I shall notify MBR immediately if my financial status changes and provide updated documentation of income.

  7. I shall not obtain any additional pets.

  8. I will provide high-quality humane and lawful care for my pet, including, but not limited to the following:

    1. I will provide my pet with wholesome food, fresh water, and adequate shelter at all times;

    2. I will keep my pet as an indoor pet only and not allow it to run at large;

    3. I will not tie out, chain out, or leave my pet in a fenced area while a person is not on the same premises;

    4. I will not allow my pet to ride in an open bed of a pick-up truck or similar vehicle;

    5. I will promptly provide veterinary treatment for my pet to maintain the pet’s health and prevent or alleviate suffering. I will contact MBR if I am having difficulty providing veterinary treatment; and

    6. I will not have cosmetic surgery performed on my pet, such as tail docking, declawing, or ear cropping.

  9. If at any time MBR deems, in its sole discretion, that (1) I have made any misrepresentation in my application; (2) I have been convicted of an offense relating to pet cruelty, abandonment, or neglect, or sexual or violent conduct; and/or (3) I have failed to comply with any term of this agreement, MBR reserves the right to charge me for full repayment of any assistance received, which shall become immediately due and payable upon issuance of the invoice from MBR. In the event of legal action arising from this agreement, I shall pay MBR’s costs and attorney fees, whether incurred prior to or after legal action is filed.  

  10. I recognize that in receiving assistance in the form of donated pet food and supplies there exists a risk of injury or sickness, including personal injury or harm to me, my pet, and others. I understand that the pet food and supplies received through the Pet Pantry are not for sale to the public. I will only use these products for my personal pet and will not re-sell or give these products to any other animal, person, or business. MBR makes no claims, representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the characteristics or safety of the pet food and supplies. Therefore, I take ownership of the food and supplies "AS IS" and "with all faults." I hereby indemnify and hold harmless MBR against all liability and claims for losses and damages to persons, including injury or death to myself or third parties, or property in connection with my participation in the MBR Pet Pantry, including claims of negligence on the part of MBR.  

  11. This Agreement is the entire understanding between the parties and is governed by Ohio Law. This Agreement may not be amended or modified without a writing signed by both parties. Any action to enforce or interpret this Agreement must be made in the appropriate court with jurisdiction in Lorain County, Ohio.

MBR reserves the right to deny or terminate assistance at any time.