Three Dogs Join MBR after Dogfighting Ring BusT

On December 22nd 2011, Cleveland police searched the home of a local man suspected of running an illegal dog fighting ring. What they found was a filthy, disgusting home filled with 27 neglected and malnourished dogs. The City of Cleveland Kennels brought all of them from the house to their facility for evaluation and care. Most of the dogs were malnourished and had scars all over their bodies.

Multiple Breed Rescue was one of several organizations that stepped up and offered to help place the dogs saved from the home. While originally four dogs were given to MBR, only three were able to be placed. One female had been too abused to be rehabilitated and safely placed in a home. The three brought in to MBR were: Cleveland, Freedom and Blossom.

President and Founder Amy Hunt took in all three at her home initially. She wanted to evaluate and understand each dog prior to placing them in a foster home. All three required work and training. Amy wanted to make sure each dog was stable before she moved them. Her work paid off and Blossom and Cleveland went to their foster homes where they would begin their journey to adoption. Freedom stayed with Amy, as she had developed a particular affection for him.
In each foster home, the dogs were taught house training, basic obedience, and most importantly, what it means to be loved. They quickly flourished and their wonderful personalities emerged. Finally, it was time to place them up for adoption.

After their long journey, Cleveland, Blossom and Freedom all found their forever homes. Knowing what their life could have been, their transformation is truly amazing. All three are well adjusted, loving dogs who luckily learned what a wonderful place the world can be.