Tessa and the Bobble Heads

A Cleveland based rescue group was working with a man who could no longer afford to care for his female dog and her 5 puppies. He had already lost 2 pups and was on the verge of losing the litter due to poor nutrition for the mom and pups. After he agreed to turn the family over, Multiple Breed Rescue stepped in to help this starving family.

When Tessa and her puppies came to MBR they were no more than skin and bones. Tessa was very skiddish and the puppies resembled bobble heads showing just how under weight they were. The pups were also full of worms, which did not help their plight.

Tessa and the bobble heads had a long way to go. Theywould need constant care and watch to make sure they would survive. The first several nights were touch and go for a few of the puppies. MBR President, Amy Hunt, spent days earning Tessa’s trust, feeding, worming and caring for the puppies.

After weeks of healthy, high protein food and many doses of de-wormer, the bobble heads, now known as the Scientists, were healthy and ready to find their homes. The stark contrast from when they came into the rescue and when they left was amazing. From not knowing if they would survive the first night, to playful, happy, healthy pups who all received loving homes. As of December 2012, Tessa is still looking for her home. She still has a lot of work to do with trust, but she is coming along just wonderfully