Multiple Breed Turns Multiple Species!

Everyone knows the age old question: Are you a Cat Person or Dog Person? One local rescue has expanded it’s reach to both cat and dog enthusiasts alike! Amy Hunt, founder and President of Multiple Breed Rescue has partnered up with Corinne Jaenke to add a cat division to MBR. Hunt founded MBR in 2006 after desiring to help more than just breed specific dogs in need.

“Before MBR, I would go to the pounds to pull a specific dog, but there would be other dogs who needed help, so I would take them in on my own dime.”

Like Hunt, Jaenke has been using her own money to care for stray cats and kittens in need. Over the last year, she has taken in 9 kittens and cats into her own home to care, vet and spay/neuter them. She has even worked with local communities on trap and release programs for the surprisingly large population of stray cats in Elyria. Chevy, Jaenke’s certified therapy dog, also loves checking on the kittens to make sure they are doing well.

Multiple Breed Rescue (Dogs and Cats) holds a monthly adoption event at Rural King in Elyria, OH on the 2nd Saturday of every month