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Jolie: From Frightened to Fluffy


Jolie was delivered unceremoniously to the Lorain County Dog Kennel, with an electrical cord around her neck as a makeshift leash.  She had mange and her skin was raw from a flea allergy.

The man who dropped her off said that he found her, but the officer who took possession of her believed that this was a poorly masked lie.  He just didn’t want her anymore and he didn’t want to pay the surrender fee that is required if an owner wants to hand over their own pet.

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From Pound Dump to Running Free – The Amazing Robo

September 12th, 2013


Tyson was picked up as a stray by the Marion County dog warden in January.   The four year old German shepherd mix lived for six weeks in the pound before being adopted.

Not long after he was adopted, workers found him lying in the pound’s front yard.  He had been hit by a car.  He was bleeding and in a lot of pain.  His owners no longer wanted him and dumped him at the pound rather than pay the surrender fee.

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Man moves to adopt his new best friend

June 30th, 2012


Meet Cleveland, one of the 27 dogs rescued during a dogfight raid in December 2011. Cleveland had a long journey from his days locked in a cage in a basement. He had to learn how to go to the bathroom outside, learn what toys were and most importantly, learn what love meant. Yet, despite him overcoming these obstacles, his adoption was almost prevented by a case of discrimination.

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Tessa and the Bobble Heads

October 5th, 2012


A Cleveland based rescue group was working with a man who could no longer afford to care for his female dog and her 5 puppies. He had already lost 2 pups and was on the verge of losing the litter due to poor nutrition for the mom and pups. After he agreed to turn the family over, Multiple Breed Rescue stepped in to help this starving family.

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Potential Bait Dogs Discovered by Local Rescue Group

June 24th, 2012


Vice President of Multiple Breed Rescue, April Boesken received a call about two dogs wandering a neighbors field in Sheffield Village, across from the Carousel Swim Club. When she and her husband arrived, what they found was shocking. Of the two dogs, the female pit bull had severe bite wounds all over her face and ears. Quickly, they rushed her and the American Bull dog she was with to the rescue headquarters in Elyria.

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Three dogs join MBR after a dogfighting raid

December 22th, 2011


On December 22nd 2011, Cleveland police searched the home of a local man suspected of running an illegal dog fighting ring. What they found was a filthy, disgusting home filled with 27 neglected and malnourished dogs. The City of Cleveland Kennels brought all of them from the house to their facility for evaluation and care. Most of the dogs were malnourished and had scars all over their bodies.

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