Because pets are family.

MBR Pet Pantry recognizes the value of all family members, even the furry ones. When families find themselves in a difficult financial situation, the social services and support available focuses on the human needs of food, healthcare, and housing. We don’t want people to have to choose between groceries and medication for themselves or food for their pets.

We want to help families keep their pets instead of these pets becoming abandoned or turned over to shelters and dog pounds. There are already more pets looking for homes than available homes so it makes sense for loving pet parents to keep their family together and it makes sense for MBR to fill this need.

Our services are intended to help families supplement their pet food and cat litter supply for existing fur family members. We are also focusing on residents of Lorain County. All recipients must complete an application and financial need will be verified.

To donate, please use the donate button on our home page. To volunteer, please use the volunteer form and to apply for aid, please complete an application online or print a hard copy.

Questions can be directed to:, via our Facebook page, or by phone at: (440) 721-7531.