Because pets are family too.

Sometimes, people fall on hard times. Sometimes due to medical expenses, job loss or they just hit a rough patch on this road we call life. When the belt has to be tightened, tough choices have to be made. All too often, the cost of caring for a pet is too great a burden for certain families to manage, no matter how hard that decision may be. MBR Pet Pantry was founded to help those who need help keeping their family intact while working to get back on more solid ground.  

Our Mission is to try and assist qualified families in Lorain County on a monthly basis to keep their companion animals in their homes when faced with financial hardship or circumstances beyond their control. People shouldn't have to choose between groceries and medication for themselves or food for their pets.

MBR Pet Pantry of Lorain County distributes food and supplies on the third Saturday every month, to those in need and are in Lorain County. To be eligible for assistance, residents must fill out an application and agree to the Rules & Regulations.  Financial income will be verified.

Questions can be directed to:, via our Facebook page, or by phone at: (440) 721-7531.