All applications submitted will receive a confirmation email. The application is sent to one of our Application Processors.  EVERY application, regardless of who referred the applicant or who the applicant knows, will be processed the exact same way.  We check/verify all information and perform additional checks to make sure the information is accurate and there are no omissions.

If any application is incomplete, it will slow down the process and may result in a denial.  If any information has been omitted or found to be incorrect we may deny the application. 
Once an application is approved, the applicant will be notified the application is approved BUT that does not guarantee that the applicant will get the dog for which they applied.  The foster home will review the application(s) that are approved and may call the applicant to help determine the best fit for the dog.  A phone call from our Adoption Coordinator to gather additional information may also occur.  A phone call does NOT guarantee a meet/greet or adoption of the dog.

We do not adopt out a dog to the first application that requests the dog. We adopt out our dogs to the best fit.  If the first application received and/or approved is a good fit for the dog then a meet and greet may be scheduled. However, that is not always the case and the 3rd, 4th sometimes 5th application received and approve may be the first applicant to meet/greet the dog.   A meet/ greet is NOT a guarantee an adoption will occur.  The meet/greet is another part of the process and only if the dog, the family, the Adoption Coordinator and Foster home feels it is a perfect match will the dog be able to be adopted.  There are times we feel that the family should go home and “think it over.” We do this to prevent anyone to impulse adopt.  It is very easy for emotions to influence a decision and sometimes our hearts override our heads.  After we are given time (both applicant and MBR) we realize that it isn’t the best for all of those involved, including the dog.
Our goal is to make sure that the dogs that have already been failed by humans are happy for the rest of their life.  Our process is for the benefit of the dogs. We do not play favorites because of who you know.  It has nothing to do with the applicant but it has EVERYTHING to do with the dog.  

The application and process may seem lengthy and many of the questions may seem irrelevant. Please understand that humans have already failed the dog once and we do the best we can to make sure that doesn’t happen again. We are grateful when applicants understand that even though they have a wonderful home, are an experienced pet owner, and are great people with an approved application, that they may not be the best fit for the dog.

Although the photo and description of the dog seem like a good fit to the applicant, there are many factors that will determine the best fit. We work extremely hard with every dog to make sure that we set them up for success.  A lot of work and a lot of sacrifice is put into every dog by all the volunteers of MBR, especially the foster home.  We ask that those applying respect our process and our volunteers.  ALL money donated to the rescue or collected through adoption fee goes directly to the care of our dogs which includes vet care, supplies, administrative supplies, food, etc. We do not have any paid staff.